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How do I protect my donkey from worms?


Be sure to consult your veterinarian on a de-worming schedule suited for your part of the country. Miniature donkeys are grazing animals and can pick up a variety of parasites. Some breeders and veterinarians recommend using different wormers to treat different parasites approx. every 60 to 90 days for adults and every 30 days for foals beginning at two months of age. A fecal sample analyzed by your veterinarian may provide guidance on the type of wormer best suited for your donkey. De-worm every other month alternating between an ivermectin product such as Zimecterin and a fenbendazole product such as Safeguard or Panacur. Use Prazyquantel such as Equimax or Ivermectin Gold twice annually for Tape Worms.

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