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~Reference Donkeys~

Have you looked at your donkey's Registration Papers and wondered who those donkeys behind them are? Here is an Alphabetical List of donkeys that you might find in your pedigrees!

We are still continuing to add donkeys to this page.

No, this is not a donkey. However, this is Mr. Green... one of the first people to import Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys to the United States!

Mr. Green_edited.jpg

Another historical miniature donkey figure...

Daniel Langford of Danby Farms, founder of the

Miniature Donkey Registry (MDR)

Daniel Langfeld at Danby Farms, Nebraska.jpg

758's DiDi

758's DiDi_edited.jpg

758's Rosebud

Hartman Donkeys (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Arbor Ledge Little Red

Arbor Ledge Little Red_edited.jpg

Arrow Creek Black Jack

Arrow Creek Black Jack_edited.jpg

Arrow Creek Hudini

Arrow Creek Kostas

Arrow Creek Kostas_edited.jpg

Bar 3S Red Tater Tot

Bar 3S Red Tater Tot_edited.jpg

Bell E Acres Jemmie Sam (Jennet)


Carousel Inspector Clouseau

Carousel Inspector Clouseau_edited.jpg

Case's Gabriel

Case's Gabriel_edited.jpg

Christopher Columbus
1st Miniature Donkey born in the United States
Owned by Mr. Green


Circle C Black Russian

Circle C Black Russian_edited.jpg

Circle C Corona

Circle C Corona_edited.jpg

Circle C Desperado


Circle C Legend

Circle C Legend_edited.jpg

Circle C Little Motown


Circle C Main Event


Circle C Obsession

Circle C Obsession_edited.jpg

Circle C Silverado

Circle C Silverado_edited.jpg

Cobra's Chico

Cobra's Chico_edited.jpg

Cobra's Geronimo

Cobra's Geronimo_edited.jpg

Cobra's Little Joe

Cobra's Little Joe_edited.jpg

Cobra's Red Man

Coffman’s Danny De Valentino

Coffman's Danny De Valentino_edited.jpg

Country Music’s Garth Brooks

Country Music’s Garth Brooks_edited.jpg

Country Music’s George Jones

Country Music’s George Jones_edited.jpg

Dewey Meadows Gucci

Dewey Meadows Primo


Dewey Meadows Valentino

DK Jack Daniel

D K Jack Daniel_edited.jpg

Dodge City Jack of Spades

Dodge City Jack of Spades_edited.jpg

EA Bingo

EA Bingo_edited.jpg

EA Dr. Chaboom

EA Dr_edited.jpg

Fisher's Ghost

Fishers Ghost_edited.jpg

Fisher’s Gideon Beau

fishers gideons beau_edited.jpg

Fisher's Great Gildersleeve


Fisher's Venus in Gray (jennet)

Fisher's Venus in Gray (jennet)_edited.jpg

Foust’s Spunky

Foust's Spunky_edited.jpg

Frontier Legend's Goldminer

Frontier Legend's Goldminer_edited.jpg

GP Peanut

GP Peanut_edited.jpg

Happy Jack Acres Lombardi

Happy Jack Acres Lombardi_edited.jpg

Happytimes Acres Pep-R-Oni

Happytimes Acres Pep-R-Oni_edited.jpg

Hartman's Donkey Trenton

Hartman's Donkey Trenton_edited.jpg

Heiken's Ark Napoleon

Heiken Ark Pink Panther

Heiken Ark Pink Panther_edited.jpg

Heiken Ark Top Gun

Heiken Ark Top Gun_edited.jpg

Hendrick’s JJ

LN Foxworthy_edited.jpg

Hooves Etc. R' Charlie Brown

Hooves Etc_edited.jpg

Itsy Bitsy Front and Center

Itsy Bitsy Front and Center_edited.jpg

Itsy Bitsy Jet Pilot

Itsy Bitsy Jet Pilot_edited.jpg

Itsy Bitsy LN Bronson

Itsy Bitsy LN Bronson_edited.jpg

Itsy Bitsy Mr. Playbill

Itsy Bitsy Mr_edited.jpg

Itsy Bitsy Red Wrangler


LCR Valentino 50

Li'l Angels Crimson Tide

Li'l Angels Crimson Tide_edited.jpg

Li'l Angel's Indiana Jones

LN Nicodemus

LN Nicodemus_edited.jpg

LN Foxworthy

Hendrick’s JJ_edited.jpg

LN Red Sonfire


LN Redsonne

LN Redsonne_edited.jpg

LN Redsonnehi

LNRedsonnehia (1)_edited.jpg

Lipps Zeus

Zeus1 (Head)_edited.jpg

L Zues II

L Zuess II Right_edited.jpg

Maxx's Little Buckaroo

Maxx's Little Buckaroo_edited.jpg

McLendon's 45 Magnum

McLendon's 45 Magnum_edited.jpg

McMillan's Tex Ass Midnight Gambler

McMillan's Tex Ass Midnight Gambler_edited.jpg

MGF Absolut

MGF Absolut_edited.jpg

MGF Dr. Shivago

MGF Dr_edited.jpg

MGF Fiftyfire


MGF Future Link


MGF Husker's Pride


MGF Jock

MGF Jock_edited.jpg

MGF Little Pink Harry

MGF Little Pink Harry_edited.jpg

MGF Michelangelo

MGF Michelangelo_edited.jpg

MGF Prairie Fire

MGF Prairie Fire_edited.jpg

MGF Prime Time

MGF Prime Time_edited.jpg

MGF Red Jet

MGF Red Jet_edited.jpg

MGF Primero


Mighty Small Wilbur

Mighty Small Wilbur_edited.jpg

Miller's EC MrSpock

Millers EC MrSpock (Small)_edited.jpg

Mr. Strawberry


My World Brem

My World Brem_edited.jpg

My World Buster

My World Cimmaron

My World Cimmaron_edited.jpg

My World Cheyenne

My World Cheyenne_edited.jpg

My World Dodger

My World Dodger_edited.jpg

My World Mindy (Jennet)


My World Parker

My World Parker_edited.jpg

My World Santana

My World Santana_edited.jpg

My World Sidney

My World Sidney_edited.jpg

My World Tyler

My World Tyler_edited.jpg

My World Winston

My World Winston_edited.jpg

Ozark Jazzy Jamm

Ozark Jazzy Jamm_edited.jpg

Pandy's Kolleman

Pandy's Kolleman_edited.jpg

Perfection's Jett

Perfection's Jett_edited.jpg

Pine Grove Farm's Peppercorn Jack


PMF Total Eclipse

PMF Total Eclipes_edited.jpg

Pope Farm Teaspoon

Pope Farm Teaspoon_edited.jpg

Quarter Moon Barney

Quarter Moon Barney_edited.jpg

Quarter Moon Block Buster

Quarter Moon Block Buster_edited.jpg

Quarter Moon Laptop

Quarter Moon Laptop_edited.jpg

Quarter Moon Ticker Tape

Quarter Moon Ticker Tape_edited.jpg

Quarter Moon Top Dollar

Quarter Moon Top Dollar_edited.jpg

R & D D & H Molly (Jennet)

R & D D & H Molly_edited.jpg

Rainbow's Blizzard

Rainbow's Blizzard_edited.jpg

Rearview Pansy (Jennet)

Rearview Pansy (Jennet)_edited.jpg

Rearview's Red Rock 

Rearview's Red Rock_edited.jpg

Short ASSets Roan Ranger

Short ASSets Roan Ranger_edited.jpg

Short ASSets Starfire

Short ASSets Starfire_edited.jpg

Soderglen's Muchacho

Soderglen's Muchacho_edited.jpg

Someday’s Destiny


Springlake Razmataz

Springlake Razmataz_edited.jpg

S.S. Red Lightning


Sunset Acres Radio Flyer

Sunset Acres Radio Flyer_edited.jpg

Sunset Acres Red Sunset

Sunset Acres Red Sunset_edited.jpg

Sunset Acres Rowdy Yates

Sunset Acres Sir Prize

Sunset Acres Sir Prize_edited.jpg

Sunset Acres Smart Derby

Sunset Acres Smart Derby_edited.jpg

Sunset Acres Speedway Racer

Speedway Racer_edited.jpg

The Elms Black Knight

The Elms Black Knight_edited.jpg

The Fireman

The Fireman_edited.jpg

Willow Creek Luigi

Willow Creek Luigi_edited.jpg

Windcrest Java 

Windcrest Java_edited.jpg

WLDF Tin Roof Sundae

WLDF Tin Roof Sundae_edited.jpg
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