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How do I properly measure my donkey?


How do you measure your donkey? You must use a measuring stick, with a cross-piece and preferably a level. Stand the animal on a hard, level surface (a drive, aisle, or sheet of plyboard). A muddy field or uneven ground won't give you an accurate reading.

Place the level/crossbar at the withers. The stick should be straight up-and-down and not leaning. Measure at the top of the withers at the highest point and not in the dip in front of the withers. If you are not sure where to measure, put a small treat like a bit of apple or carrot on the ground in front of the animal. Look at the shoulders when they put their head down. The part of the shoulders that sticks up HIGHEST when their head is down is where you measure to.

If you try to measure just using a flexible tape measure you won't get an accurate measurement. A version of using the tape used to be called "Jackstock Measuring" and resulted in additions of fractions of an inch to more than 2" to an animals height.

Measure three times, and average the readings if you have to. You will find it's very hard to make an animal measure up exactly the same every time. Remember, too, that measuring should be done when the animals hooves are freshly trimmed, or at least of proper length. Long toes and the addition of shoes can add to a height.

Height measurements should not be given in most cases in fractions of anything smaller than 1/8 of an inch. A thick winter coat or a little extra hoof can cause that much difference with ease.

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