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Excellence in Halter
(Miniature Donkeys)

Changes in red are effective as of 01/01/2015

To be eligible for an Excellence In Halter, the Owner must be a member of the American Donkey Association at the time the points are earned. An Excellence In Halter is awarded to one Donkey. Points earned by one donkey are not transferable to any other donkey. There is no time limitation to attain this award. An owner may obtain an unlimited number of Excellence In Halter awards but only one per donkey. The points assigned to one Donkey can be accumulated by multiple Owners provided each owner is a member of the American Donkey Association when the points accrue.

An Excellence in Halter requires at least 15 points.

Points will be recorded by NMDA for each placement in a Halter class approved and sanctioned by the National Miniature Donkey Association. The 15 points must be attained from at least three separate NMDA shows and points awarded by at least three different NMDA licensed judges.

Note: If the American Donkey Association is unable to obtain full results for an NMDA sanctioned show from either the Show Chairperson or NMDA, the Event will not be eligible towards the Excellence Program, until received.

In counting the number of eligible Miniature Donkeys in competition, a Miniature Donkey that is disqualified, or that is dismissed, excused or ordered from the ring by the judge, or from which all awards are withheld, shall not be included for that class.

Points are awarded as follows:


Points towards Excellence

Class Placement

Best of Breed - Halter (Best Donkey over the three sexes (Jack/Jennet/Gelding).

1 point more than the Highest Number of Points earnd by a Donkey in Halter at that show.
(For example: If a jack wins Best of Breed and accumulated 5 points for that show, excluding the one point for Best of Breed, but defeated a jennet who earned 7 points for that show, the jack under this program, will be awarded 7 points, plus one point for Best of Breed for a total of 8 points).

Grand Champion - Halter - (One Sex - Jack, Jennet or Gelding)

2 points in addition to the points earned above for class placement.

Reserve Grand Champion - Halter

1 point in addition to the points earned above for class placement.

Junior Grand Champion - Halter (Winner over Juniors in three sexes - Jack/Jennet/Gelding)

2 points in addition to the points earned above for class placement.

Junior Reserve Grand Champion

1 point in addition to the points earned above for class placement.


It is the responsibility of the Owner to keep records of their specific Donkey’s points. When the Owner believes they have accumulated 15 points for a title of Excellence in Halter, they need to complete the “Application for Excellence in Halter” form (available from the American Donkey Association). Placements and points will be verified against NMDA records and records maintained by the American Donkey Association..

Once verified and rendered to be accurate, the American Donkey Association shall award the applying Owner and Miniature Donkey with a title of Excellence in Halter. Final decision on awarding of points will be determined by the American Donkey Association.

If a Donkey attains points in Halter as a jack, and is later gelded, those points previously earned while competing as a jack will be eligible for a Halter - Excellence or Supreme as a gelding.

A Processing Fee may apply.

Click here for a form to keep up with your halter points.

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