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~Show Class Examples~

Here are the different classes that you will see at Donkey Shows and some Educational Photos/Videos showing those classes!

This page is still under construction.

Click HERE for NMDA Show Rule Book for Reference.

~ In-Hand Classes ~

Reference Rule# 138 in NMDA Show Rule Book

Donkeys to be judged on the priority of conformation, quality, presence and way of going. Disposition and manners shall also be considered.

Reference Rule# 221 in NMDA Show Rule Book

In a Showmanship at Halter class only the Competitor shall be judged. The Donkey is only a “prop” to show the ability of the Competitor but will be considered for appearance

In-Hand Jumping
Reference Rule# 151 in NMDA Show Rule Book

In-Hand Jumping consist of leading your donkey over a pattern of jumps. Donkeys must be 3 years or older to jump. If under the age of 3, they "jump" over ground poles. Jumpers are to be judged on accumulated faults only on the first round. A second round, also known as "Jump-Off,' will occur in the case of a clean first round and for placement of class. Jump-offs are timed. Minimum height for jumps must be 18” and maximum height 28” for first jumping round. Competitors may go over the jumps with their Donkey.

Coon Jumping
Reference Rule# 152 in NMDA Show Rule Book

Coon Jumping is a class where the equines jump from a stand still. For NMDA, everyone starts at 16". Each round, the jump increasing 2"-3". If your equine knocks the pole down, you are eliminated. The rounds continue until there is one competitor left. 

Lead Race
Reference Rule# 153 in NMDA Show Rule Book

This is a timed event where the Donkey is led across a starting line, down the center of the arena, around pole or cone and back across the starting line.

Reference Rule# 154 in NMDA Show Rule Book

Fastest Time Wins. There will be three poles/cones to go around, then a jump, and a barrel. You weave your donkey through the poles/cones, jump over the jump, turn around the barrel, jump over the jump again, and weave back through the poles/cones, to then cross the finish line.


Hurry Scurry
Reference Rule# 155 in NMDA Show Rule Book

Fastest time wins. The donkey is led across the starting line, over a jump, turned to the left to curve around a barrel, over two more jumps, then across the finish line.


Reference Rule# 161 in NMDA Show Rule Book

Snigging is an Australian word for dragging a load behind an equine. As a class, snigging tests how quickly and carefully a Donkey and his handler can move a load through an obstacle course. The course for snigging is a line of five cones which the Donkey and Competitor must serpentine through, both out and back. The Competitor shall ground drive behind the harnessed Donkey.

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