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Southeast Miniature Donkey Cluster Sponsorship Opportunities


Class and Show Sponsorships 

Classes are $25.00 each to sponsor.  High Point Classes are $75-$100 to sponsor.  All are recognized as follows:

1. Announced at the show before the class is pinned.

2. Listed on the ADA Website.

3. Mentioned on Social Media

The following is a list of classes that have already been sponsored.  Please make a note of which classes you would like to sponsor and scroll down to the online form.  Select the classes you wish to sponsor on the online form and include a few alternate choices.  Class sponsorship is updated when payment is received.  You will be able to pay with a credit card, Paypal or Venmo immediately with the form.  There will also be an option to send in a check under 'manual payment'.

Southeast Cluster Class Sponsors

Complete Online Class Sponsor Form

2024 Country Classic Donkey Show & Music City Donkey Show

Class & Show Sponsor Form

Please select the class(s) below that you would like to sponsor. There are 2 lists, one for the Country Classic Show and one for Music City. At the end of each class list you will have the opportunity to add alternate choices in case any of the selections you have made are already sponsored.

Country Classic Donkey Show

Country Classic Classes

Music City Donkey Show Classes

Music City Classes

Thank you for sponsoring! We appreciate the support for the show and ADA.

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